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Friday, 21 August 2020

Written by Corinne Wilkie-Fessler
Edited by Justine of Just Yoga

My name is Corinne Wilkie-Fessler. I am forty-two years old and my day job is being a Criminal Justice worker. In my spare time I teach and practice Reiki and yoga under my KOA brand. I have travelled the world my entire life, living in many countries including South Africa, France, Switzerland and USA, however my heart has always been in Scotland. I have now found myself home in Edinburgh. I love new experiences, taking on challenges and being in nature. I strive to see each day as an opportunity. In my free time, I enjoy cuddling up with my cat in front of a roaring fire and spending time with those I love. You will most likely find me dancing freely at a live music event, diving in the ocean, riding free on a motorbike or at a gathering with individuals who want to connect with their breath and heart.
Life is to be lived and each day cherished. I am a realistic person who recognises that we all have light and dark days, but also believes that it is how we embrace those days that matters.

I have always felt connected to the environment around me and fascinated by the uniqueness of individuals as well as their ability to change and grow. I have worked in the social sector in various roles since 2001 supporting individuals in achieving their goals and empowering them to believe in themselves. Working in such a demanding job, I soon realised I needed a better work-life balance and sought out something that would allow me to re-connect with myself and offer me a sense of calm.

I started my journey by studying systemic coaching in 2013 and graduated as a Systemic Coach in 2016. This showed me that there were more productive ways I could manage how I felt, understand why I reacted to certain situations in certain ways and how important breathing is. It was the starting point of my own personal journey in finding “ME”

In 2018 I had the opportunity to train as a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and at the same time started my training in Reiki, ultimately qualifying as a Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher. For me, this was a perfect combination of skills, allowing me to combine my faith in connecting with the breath, the power of the earth's energy and the feeling of release through yoga poses. Since then I have additionally qualified as a YIN Yoga Teacher and undertaken training in Yoga Nidra.
For me coaching, yoga, sound therapy and reiki, empowered me to reconnect with my body, breath and I feel these practices perfectly complement each other.
I learnt that we are all students of life and once we accept that, then each experience is a learning opportunity. My connection to music, reiki and yoga have supported me through a number of life's challenges and that has made me passionate to share the love and light with others. 

I have been so fortunate that my family and friends, and especially my partner-in-crime, my husband, have supported me in my yoga journey. In fact my mother joins almost all my classes and my mother-in-law and I practice together weekly. I also have friends who attend my classes and share their love and light with me. During lockdown I started teaching yoga online and although initially very daunting, I have found a way to connect with students that I would never have thought possible in the past. Many of my students are not from Edinburgh and so I have now created for myself a multicultural yoga community online.
Yoga has changed my life as it has allowed me a vessel to empower others to connect with their bodies and find a new love for themselves.
It has given me the gift of finding stillness in the storm that is sometimes life. I lead a busy life and have a demanding job. Yoga is my ‘happy place.’ I am fortunate enough that I do not suffer from any illnesses or injuries but work with many students who do and this has taught me to be creative in the way I teach, using props, cues and new ways of exploring poses. I believe there is no perfect pose but only the one that works for you.

I try to practice yoga daily, usually in the morning when I find it is s great start to my day. I find that it allows me to find a focus, set an intention and connect with my breath, giving me energy for the day ahead. I sometimes do struggle to fit it in and have learnt to accept and surrender to this and know that when I do practice yoga, I am fully in that moment, committed and engaged. I believe that we need to be kind to ourselves at all times so practicing self-care including not judging ourselves should be a priority in our practice. 


My yoga teacher, Beth Crivelli from Sadhana in London, led my first yoga teacher training and inspired me to continually grow in my yoga practice. I loved her approach and her knowledge of yoga.

I would recommend yoga to everyone; all ages, all bodies, all abilities. There are so many yoga styles and so many wonderful teachers out there with different backgrounds and approaches, so there is something for everyone. Whether you enjoy a relaxing yoga Nidra class or a power Vinyasa class, there is a yoga practice for ALL bodies.

My personal message about yoga. Find the yogi in you, there is no perfect pose and you are perfect as you are in this moment, no judgement, no doubt, no question. Love yourself fully and unconditionally, because there is only one YOU.

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