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Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Written by Dr Kamala Easton
Edited by Justine of Just Yoga

My name is Kamala Easton and I am a Spiritual Teacher. I am a blessed to be able to live half the year in Rishikesh, India and then the other half in my home in Los Angeles California. My yoga journey started when I took a spiritual breath course that literally changed my life. I was struggling through my doctoral program at UCLA, and I took this course founded by an Indian guru to relieve stress. My dissertation flew through my fingertips. As part of the course we also did some gentle yoga. As I did the breath I also enjoyed the yoga. A professor friend had written a grant to bring fitness and nutrition into her church community and asked me if I was interested in teaching a yoga class there. At that time certification was not a requirement, like it is now. I started with senior yoga in chairs and then a regular yoga class and eventually offered yoga in a number of studios in the area. 

However, my path shifted greatly when I came to India with that teacher in 1998 and within the next year went through a powerful spiritual awakening. As the Divine Consciousness took over my life, and I spent more time in India, I gave up my yoga classes and began to focus my teaching on spiritual transformation as I realized that others could achieve these same or similar gifts and state of consciousness as I had. In fact, I stopped doing yoga asanas some fifteen years ago, as I found that because I had already achieved such a high state, continuing to do yoga asanas after that only activated too much Shakti in my body.
I didn’t need the “guru” life of only 3 hours of sleep a night, as that is what happens when the Shakti is so actively running through my body after yoga.
I had already attained the highest consciousness and yet also wanted a human life. So yoga went on hold for a very long time, as I focused on helping others with the many gifts that I had received during my transformation. As a matter of fact, recently, after many years, I have now begun a very gentle yogic routine in order to keep my body more limber and healthy. I realized that I did need to keep my physical body healthy and as conscious as my being had become. I regret that I did not seek to find a way to perhaps do more gentle yoga, as to not over activate the Shakti, but enough to have kept my back, hips and joints feeling as young as I feel inside.  

My yogic lifestyle (not yoga) has helped me to know that I am so much more than the me that I grew up thinking myself to be. That within me is the vast greatness, of unlimited wisdom and power. And it has always been there. It has taught me that this little mind that we use is absolutely limited to our upbringing, education, and experiences. And yet there is unlimited knowing when one has merged into this higher consciousness that we all are. Yoga and the yogic path is an opportunity to expand self beyond the normal life that we have all lived.
Yoga can lead to a power that is within us, which can guide us in every area of our lives. I am not talking about mountaintop guru living, but how to make the highest choices with our families, our work, our money….. all things. Everyday life can be guided by this infinite Spirit that is within us, if want, ask and allow.
Because my journey was so great, it was difficult for my family to relate. My daughter in fact wanted nothing to do with spirituality or yoga. But in more recent times, she is now taking Mommy-and-me yoga from one of her friends with my granddaughter. I find, that I relate to my family as my human self, never trying to convince them to be or do anything. Just loving them for the wonderful people that they are and if the changes in me, help them, then it is a blessing.

My favourite practice for students is focusing on loving and longing for their own divine self within.
I have many students whose lives have been changed drastically from the teachings that I offer. I have given intuitive sessions direct from this great consciousness that I am to over two thousand people around the world. And some have additionally taken my online spiritual transformation course –Embodying Spirit: the Journey Towards Enlightenment, in which I share the steps of stripping away the false self, learning to listen to the Divine within and offering self to God for transformation. I also have taught workshops on the Divine Feminine for over thirteen years after powerful personal experiences with the Hindu Goddesses in India. Details on my classes can be found on my Instagram profile or my webpage Kamala Enlightens.

I would recommend yoga to anyone as it is one of the first ways that we can still ourselves to tap into that infinite oneness within. In our busy lives we have no idea that we are great expansive beings, within. And yoga is a big step towards touching the stillness and the unlimitedness that we are.

Dr Kamala Easton

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