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Saturday, 29 August 2020

Written by Michele Miller
Edited by Justine of Just Yoga

Namaste, I’m Michele Miller but everyone calls me Shell. I’m forty-five years old; a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) warrior and a survivor of domestic violence. I’m very grateful to be featured here on Just Yoga to share my message of hope. I was born and raised in Missouri but am currently a Texas transplant. I’m known as a Hope Dealer to many because I offer hope to those suffering from medical conditions that are treatable by Cannabidiol (CBD). I sell CBD and non-CBD health and wellness products. I really enjoy working in network marketing in the booming hemp industry. It’s hard to believe I actually get paid to share my passion helping people enjoy a better quality of life. 

In my twenties after barely escaping a dangerously abusive home environment, I became extremely ill. After a lot of suffering and testing, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. My body steadily declined until I woke up one morning and literally could not get out of bed. Nothing in my body worked. I couldn’t hold a pen and write. I couldn’t fold laundry or cook. It was horrid. Thankfully, my mom did those things for me until, over time, I was finally able to do them for myself again.
I originally became intrigued with yoga about 15 years ago as I was studying various natural methods to heal my body. My research led me to eating the rainbow of whole foods; herbs and alternative medicine; and exercise - particularly yoga.
No one in my circle of family and friends had ever practiced yoga, not that I was aware of anyway. So, I began searching online to learn more. I found a blog I absolutely loved. The blogger was a yoga instructor with such a cheerful disposition. She shared short, simple yoga videos and I began to follow them daily. Before I realized what had happened, I had become very passionate about yoga. 

Eventually, I felt the need to delve deeper into longer yoga sessions and discovered videos for that too. A friend also sent me a DVD of her favourite yoga instructor. It was an hour long and I worked my way up to that. It was absolutely lovely. I found myself waking up every morning excited to turn that DVD on. My body literally craved it. For quite a while, I practiced an hour of yoga every morning before I did anything else.
As yoga became woven into my everyday life, I began noticing significant changes in every area of my life. I was calmer, more relaxed. I had laser focus. The mental clarity was phenomenal.
My weak back strengthened. My immune system was unbelievably strong. And I became very mindful about everything that I put into my body. My body began to tone up as well. I had more energy. The list goes on. Bhujangasana (cobra pose) is a pose I love for its ability to stretch and soothe tired, achy neck, shoulder, and back muscles. I’ve always loved this one. It never gets old. Vrksasana (tree pose) is also special to me because it reminds me to stand tall and strong to weather the storms of life. I think about how the tree sheds the old leaves and changes with beautiful new growth every spring. When I first started experimenting with yoga, I honestly couldn’t imagine myself ever doing this pose well. It looks so simple yet it takes so much focus and balance. 

I cherish the serenity meditation takes me in to. Focusing on my breathing, letting all the stresses of life float away, and just embracing the quiet space of the moment is so healing and refreshing.
Another asana I enjoy is Parsva Balasana (thread the needle pose). There is nothing like that nice, deep stretch that spreads from my neck throughout my shoulder and down my arm. Here, I find more relief for neck and shoulder tension than any other pose I’ve personally tried so far.

My family does not participate in yoga with me, or on their own. They do encourage my desire to be healthier and more fit and that is a blessing I’ll take. As I began to share my recaptured love for exercise like walking and yoga, on Facebook and Instagram my friend, Deb, has joined me and has been experimenting with different yoga videos herself. We have both added walking and yoga to our lives as we strive to improve our health and fitness.
I try to incorporate yoga every day in some way – even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes of super simple poses. My goal is to work my way back up to practicing an hour every morning before I do anything else.

If you’ve been considering exploring yoga, just go for it. It doesn’t matter if you have never attempted one pose or if you used to practice like me and decide to work your way back in to it gradually. Yoga, to me, is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself in your health and fitness regimen. It is more than exercise. Yoga is a way to cherish yourself – body, mind, and soul. You have value. You deserve to love and be kind to yourself. Yoga will help you develop yourself in every area so that you can. It truly is a spiritual experience that helps us blossom and thrive more with each pose we press in to.

Healthy blessings and peace to you,
Shell Miller


  1. Shell, I LOVE hearing your story. You're a true inspiration to ALL. Hugs Angela

  2. Thank you so much, Angela! I appreciate your kind words. Have you ever tried yoga? Hugs, Shell


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