About Just Yoga

Hello fellow yogis, beginner yogis, wannabe yogis and maybe even regular yogis.

For the newbie, it might be challenging to figure out what yoga is about. It makes it hard to see that yoga is more than just exercise sequences, especially with the abundance of yoga instagrammers, tiktokkers, facebookers and pinsters flaunting perfectly sculptured bodies contorted into mystical and unimaginable postures.

If you are looking for a complete picture of yoga, then the Just Yoga blog is just what you have been looking for. This blog aims to equip the newbie with all the information required, not only to understand yoga but also to practice it with authenticity and care. You will find useful information ranging from the history of yoga; to practicing correct asanas and compiling your own sequences; to eating a nutritious vegan diet; to practicing breathing techniques to calm your mind and even meditation to help you focus and function at your optimum.

Just Yoga collaborates with international Yoga schools and features articles from experts in the field of yoga.

Note from the Editor

My name is Justine. I am a proud South African yogi. I trained as a Hatha Yoga teacher in India, the birthplace of yoga. 

I am an over-zealous believer of living a healthy, natural and wholistic lifestyle, which I found in the practice of yoga. 

My journey towards a yogic lifestyle is an ever continuing one, where I learn something new about yoga and myself every day. I have been inspired by so many yoga blogs out there, some with really great content and how-to’s. However, what I have often missed from these blogs is the full picture of what an ordinary woman like me needs to do to live a healthy, active and  balanced life. The idea for this blog arose from that missing link so that other newbies, like me, could explore the full extent of a yogic lifestyle from one all encompassing blog and be inspired to make consciously good decisions for their health and wellbeing.

I invite you to join me on a journey of self discovery through the practices and philosophies of a yogic lifestyle.

Happy learning fellow yogis!

Om Shanti
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